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Click below for our district newsletter: Fall 2014 Joyful Messenger

Additional information:    Mission Encounter 2013


President             Karen Bragg  vette92lt1(at)

Vice-President      Sandy Keesee  sfkeesee(at)

Secretary             Veronica Moon Veronicamaemoon(at)

Treasurer             Patricia Cheek  PCHEEK3(at)


Spiritual Growth                                 Kim Millner kimmillner0828(at)

Social Action                                       Sue Funderburk  sfunder369(at)

Education & Interpretation                   Teresa Watson

Membership Nurture & Outreach           Iva Scott     ivaw(at)

Secretary of Program Resources            Susan Layne  twolaynes(at)

Co-Chmn, Nominating Committee          Jeanette Walker      nett36(at)

Co-Chmn, Nominating Committee           Sue Lamm      aelcdirector(at)

Archived newsletters:

Joyful Messenger May 2014

  Joyful Messenger January 2014

Joyful Messenger 4 Qtr 2013

The Joyful Messenger 3rd Quarter 2013 pdf

The Joyful Messenger April 2013

The Joyful Messenger First Quarter 2013 pdf version   doc version

The Joyful Messenger Fall 2012

Joyful Messenger Third Quarter 2012 pdf


Our District Page

Visit our District UMW webpage for more information

2014 Calendar Lynchburg District UMW

Jan.  18       District Mission Team Meeting & Round Table  Meeting  Marsh Memorial  9:30 am

Feb.  06       United Methodist  Day at General Assembly
Mar.6-8       Conference Executive Meeting ---Host District
Mar. 10       1st Q  Remittance Due to District Treas.
Mar. 22       District Spiritual Retreat,  Timberlake UMC
April 12      District Mission Encounter,  New Hope UMC
April 05      District Mission Team Meeting, Marsh Memorial 9:30 a.m.    
May 16-18   Conference Spiritual Life Retreat at VUMAC
June 07           UMW Day at Ferrum College
June 10        2nd Q Remittance Due to District Treas.
June 21        UMW Breakfast Annual Conf., 6:45 at Hampton             
July 19         District Mission Team Meeting,Marsh Memorial 9:30 a.m.  
July 21         UMW/UMM District Gathering, TBA
July 25-27    School of Christian Mission, VUMAC
                        (Weekend Session)
July 28- 30    School of Christian Mission,  VUMAC
                          (Week Session)
Sept. 10       3rd Q Remittance Due to District Treas.
Sept. 19-20  Conf. Young Women’s Event, VUMAC
Sept. 28       District UMW Annual Meeting, TBA
Oct. 11           Budget Meeting in Richmond
Oct. 18         District Mission Team Meeting, Marsh Memorial 9:30 a.m.    
Oct. 24         UMW Exec. Com. Meet, VUMAC
Oct. 25-26   Forty-first Annual Meeting, Officer Training,  LTBA
Dec. 06        District Advent Brunch & Worship, Timberlake UMC
Dec. 10       4th Q Remittance Due to District Treasurer