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2014-2015 Living Into Our Purpose

Below are both the  pdf and  docx form of the new report form for September 1, 2014-August 31, 2015.  It is a plan for units to use.  We ask that the form be returned to the district.  

Living Into Our Purpose pdf    Living Into Our Purpose docx

Mission Today

*note this form available for download as pdf 

Virginia Conference United Methodist Women


  • Energizing United Methodist Women to be more involved in mission through  prayer, study and action;
  • Increasing contacts between units and mission personnel and projects;
  • Encouraging use of mission resources; and  
  • Expanding concepts of mission including social justice as mission                 

Becoming a Mission Today Unit is a way to increase emphasis on what United Methodist Women have been doing for more than a century: turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world.

Period covered in this report SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 –AUGUST 31, 2014

How to become a Mission Today Unit: All units must complete item #1.The number of additional items depends on the size of your unit.

( ) Mission Today units......Units OVER 15 members:Must complete 8additional items including at least 4(*)items....Units with 15 or fewer members:Must complete 4 additional items including at least 2(*)items.

( )Silver Mission Today Unit:...Units OVER15 members:13additional items including at least 6(*)items....Units with 15 or fewer members: 8additional items including at least 4(*)items.

( ) Gold Mission Today Unit:...Units OVER 15 members: 20 additional items including at least 12(*)items....Units with 15 or fewer members: 13additional items including at least 6(*)items.Items:

(* )1.The unit will MAKE and MEET its Pledge to Mission Giving. (Must be completed).

(* )2.At least 2members, other than a District or Conference Officer, attend the District or ConferenceAnnual Meeting.

(* )3.At least 1member, other than a District or Conference officer (that has their way paid by District or Conference), attend the Conference Spiritual Life Retreat or the District Spiritual Life Event. (If a District or Conference Officer, attend the Spiritual Life retreat paying their own way, they may count themselves as going representing their unit.)

(* )4. Have at least 1member, other than a District or Conference officer, attend Mission Encounter 2014/a Mission u 2014 in another conference or a District Mission Celebration/Mission School event.

(* )5. Sponsor a young woman to attend the Conference or a District Young Women’s Event. Name of the event attendee:______________________________________________________

(* )6. Use the Prayer Calendarat each Unit Meeting to pray for mission workers and mission projects for women, children, and youth.

(* )7. Use at least 2programs from the UMW Program Bookduring the year. Which ones:____________________________________________________________

(* )8. Each Unit, Circle, or Subgroup include a “responseMoment” where an item from responsemagazine is lifted up as a way to tell a mission story.

(* )9. The Unit, Circle, Subgroup, have at least1current mission study during the year. Which one:_____________________________________________________

(* )10. Include having the UMW Purpose at every meeting.

(* )11. Qualify as a Five-or Six-Star Unit by contributing to fiveor six Channels of Mission Giving.

(* )12. Increase the local unit Pledge to Mission for the coming year.

(* )13. Invite a District of Conference Officer, other than a unit member, to one of your Unit Meetings during the year and/or United Methodist Women’s Sunday.

(* )14. Selecta mission project which is supported by fund from United Methodist Women New York (Wesley Community Service Center), or the 2014 Ministry Grants of VA (listed in the conference yearbook) and visit and/or contribute needed resources. Name of the Project:__________________________________________

(* )15. Add at least 2new members to the roll (1) new member for Units with 15 or fewer members.

(* )16. Have at least 2members who subscribe to responsemagazine.

(* )17. Have at least 2members participate in the Reading Program and complete Plan I.

(* )18. Implement the Charter for Racial Justice Policies in one way during the year. Some ideas include:

...Have 2or more members attend a District Charter for Racial Justice Program/Workshop

...Have members read books and articles about other races and cultures; give report to unit

...Plan a joint unit meeting with a unit of a different racial/ethnic backtround

....Encourage your church to support a refugee family

...Write to elected representatives to support legislation affecting issues such as immigration, affirmative action, programs serving a low-income population, civil rights, etc.Describe what you did:_________________________________________

( )19. Have 1or more participate in hands-on mission such as gleaning, working a food pantry or Clothes closet, bagging potatoes, etc.Describe what you did: _____________________________________________________

( )20. Have “green” meetings or make some other special effort toward saving God’s earth (i.e. recycling, using glasses instead of disposable cups, etc.) Describe what you did: __________________________________________________________

( )21. Participate in the Campaign for Children (Children’s Sabbath Service, support public education, etc.) Some ideas for action include:

...Help sponsor a church or community program for children or youth needs

...Get involved with children in mentoring or tutoring programs

...Visit and show support to your local schools (attend school board meetings, sponsor a class, provide funds or items of special need)

Write congressional representatives regarding children’s issues

Describe what you did:_____________________________________________

( )22. Have at least 1member attend the United Methodist Day at the Virginia General Assembly

( )23. Have at least 1member attend UMW Day at Ferrum College.

( )24. Provide at least 10UMCOR kits and funds for shipping for the VA Annual Conference.

( )25. Members shall write at least once a year to 5 mission workers listed in the Prayer Calendar

( )26. Have at least 1 person join the UMW’s Action Network to receive and respond to legislative information. The on-line registration can be found at

UNIT /CHURCH and DISTRICT______________________________

Number of members in your unit _______________________________________________________

President/Contact Person _____________________________________________________________

Phone ______________________ Email__________________________________________________

MAIL TO YOUR DISTRICT UMW E&I by September 1, 2014.


2014 Prayer Calendar

2015 Charter for Racial Justice Seminar to be Held in Virginia!

Download flyer here. Dates are May 15-17, 2015. Early bird rates end Feb 28, 2015. This event is at VUMAC (Blackstone Conference Retreat Center).



Mission Coordinator: Education and Interpretation

Sue Boltz





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Wesley Community Center

Did you know that one of our National Missions is in Virginia? As Virginia women, we strive to support our "home mission".  Read a recent newsletter to learn more about Wesley.  Read more...

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