Mission Encounter

2015 Mission Encounter

Mission Encounter will be held July 23-26, 2015 at VUMAC in Blackstone. Registration and course materials are available here.

Online registration available for additional cost of $5 @: www.vaumc.org until July 13th. Find under Events/Calendar. Click on date & follow instructions. 


Geographic Study: Latin America - People & Faith 

The study is an introduction to enter the land called Latin America, knowing it is a sacred land. We come in with respect to face the dignity of a people and with the love of God for them. We will learn about the history, life and culture, and also the political and economic history of interconnec-tion in our Americas. 

Study Leaders: Marilyn Blagg and Lori Valentine de Segovia , Don Edwards, Esq 

Spiritual Growth Study: Created for Happiness:

Understanding Your Life in God 

The study will examine the understanding of happiness and how to live the life that God calls us to live. The early Methodist tradition used the language of happiness often and joyously sang about it. John Wesley preached happiness, holi-ness, and salvation as the goal of Christian life. 

Study Leaders: Louise Miller, Donna Mott, & Darlene Runaldue. 

Korean Leader: Rev. Hyunsik Kang 

Issue Study: The Church and People with Disabilities. 

This study will focus on Awareness, Accessibility, and Advocacy. Provides for hands-on experience, completing an accessibility audit, and engaging in multi-sensory worship and education. 

Study Leader: Brenda Connelly 

Video Overview

Please consider showing the video below in your unit, your church, your district or to your neighbor. Let's not keep Mission Encounter a secret!!